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Diplex Group develops and promotes various IT products for everyday use. To implement our projects, we took the DiplexCoin cryptocurrency as a basis.



Companies connected

200 000


145 000 000

Coins issued

up to 1% per day


+5 projects

Per month

What is DLX?

DiplexCoin (DLX) is an open source electronic currency powered by the X13 algorithm.

DLX can be used for instant payments anywhere in the world. Check out X13 technology! The coin can be easily integrated into any project as a payment through our Api.

Blockchain launch date 12.08.2018
Algorithm: Proof-of-Stake [X13] Block time: 1 min. Transaction fee: 0.0001 DLX Payments are paid to miners 0.8% per day. Confirmations: 10, maturity: 15. Minimum bid age: 1 hour, no maximum age. P2P Port: 35953, RPC Port: 15953 Max. The maximum number of coins is 10'000'000'000 DLX.

145 000 000 DLX Released

Benefits of owning DLX


Our X13 blockchain protects funds from malicious attacks.


DiplexCoin is decentralized, every transaction is visible on the blockchain.

Transaction Speed ​​

Instant transactions with 60 seconds confirmation blocking time.

Get high quality service with Diplex Group service.

Earn money by supporting our blockchain network. Store DLX on a dedicated wallet and get rewarded-earned coins.
You can mine with the classic PoS algorithm, getting up to 1% per day.

What is Proof-of-Stake (PoS)?

This is a type of mining (PoS - proof of stake), which uses an algorithm for distributing coins in the network. In the process of mining (chasing people), you get a reward in the form of additional coins. The idea behind proof-of-stake is to solve the problem of proof-of-work associated with high energy costs and financial investments.


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